CREATIVE LISBON | Street art scene

Lisbon, the city that came to live as the walls gained color.

In the past recent years, this European capital has become a center of Street Art. The effort of making urban art legal resulted on putting Lisbon on everyone’s lips. Even CNN and the New York Times have talked about it. From its metro network, filled with paintings or poetic lines, to an old building in one of the city’s main avenue covered with huge graffities and to the appearance of new approaches, such as pieces from the Portuguese artists Vhils and Bordalo II, Lisbon has it all. All through the city you can find innumerous urban masterpieces and will never be bored. In top of that, there’s always a new painting, a new artistic intervention going on, so even if you’ve already come to Lisbon, you’ll never see the same thing. Which means, there’s always a good reason for coming back.

If you want to have a more immersive involvement in the street art, Insiders have a few experiences you can enjoy. The experience URBAN ART will take you to some spots with graffiti masterpieces from international artists and, if you also want to feel like you belong in this art scene, the ART WORKSHOP OF GRAFFITI is the perfect opportunity for you to leave your mark on this beautiful city with a graffiti of your own.