Historic Lisbon for All - Tourism for All

Historic Lisbon for All is the result of a partnership between the Cooperativa Milacessos, Acesso Cultura and the Associação Salvador. To these three core entities we should add a 4th one, the Municipal Council of Lisbon, the entity that funds the project through the BIP-ZIP program.

The Access to Leisure Activities is a fundamental right of all citizens and essential to the full development of the human being. This was the basis for the construction of this guide: to create a tool that helps explore the two oldest hills of Lisbon: São Jorge (Castle) and São Vicente (Graça), regardless of any constraints on mobility any of us may have.

The ultimate goal is to show that it is possible! Come then and dare to discover Lisbon, the city that saw the birth of St. Anthony, from where Vasco da Gama departed and many others who through their feats helped shape the world we know today!

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